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Myers Power Products has been an OEM manufacturer of Traction Power Substations serving the transit industry since the late 1970's. Whether you need a complete power distribution center or a single circuit breaker, Myers has the solution. Myers is the leader in the design and manufacture of power distribution equipment for the rail and transit markets, with installations for 20+ transit authorities over the past 35 years. These installations include Traction Power Substations, AC and DC Switchgear, Power Rectifiers, Bus Duct, and AC and DC Circuit Breakers. Whether you are an operator of light or heavy rail, subways, streetcars, or freight rail, Myers has a design to meet your needs. Our own best-in-class products can be integrated with those from multiple third party manufacturers to bring you customizable solutions unmatched in their flexibility and versatility.

From simple indoor switchgear assemblies to stand-alone outdoor NEMA 3R equipment and to complex integrated Power Distribution Centers, Myers has the in-house expertise to design, fabricate, test, install, and commission our products to meet your specifications. Each product and solution is custom-designed by an in-house engineering team with decades of rail and transit market experience, ensuring what we deliver matches your needs precisely. Whether your project is a starter line, line extension, infill station, equipment upgrade, or retrofit, you can count on Myers for reliability, durability, and flexibility.

With Myers, anything is possible!

Rail & Trasnit

Myers Power Products is a pioneer and leader in the turnkey delivery of custom Traction Power Substations (TPSS) for transit authorities worldwide.  Our in-house DC and traction power experts are adept at analyzing requirements and specifications and generating compliant designs for all types of installations, including starter lines, line extensions, infill stations, upgrades, and retrofits. These designs incorporate Myers field-proven DC power equipment and that of leading third party manufacturers in the appropriate housing or enclosure for the installation environment, even when that environment is a harsh climate or within a high seismic hazard area.  Myers supports our products with testing, installation, commissioning, and maintenance services, making us the only company you will need for the life of your equipment.

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Myers Circuit Breakers
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Communication Huts

Myers Power Products offers DC Switchgear in a variety of capacities, ranging from 300 V — 1,600 V with 600 A — 15 kA DC current ratings. These ANSI-rated products are offered in 18" and 24" wide cells and can be used as stand-alone modular designs or integrated into a Power Distribution Center (PDC). Our modular designs feature microprocessor-based controls, fiber optic isolation, and high resistance grounding. Myers capabilities for PDC-integrated DC Switchgear extend beyond the switchgear to encompass the turnkey delivery of an entire PDC, custom built to your specifications. Whatever your requirements, Myers in-house expertise in design, fabrication, testing, installation, and commissioning enables us to deliver a solution that satisfies them.

Myers Power Products is a leading manufacturer of Medium Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breakers. Our DC Circuit Breakers are available with or without Myers High Speed Tripping to provide you with flexibility in managing system coordination while incorporating personnel safety and downstream equipment protection. Whether you require fixed mount or draw-out type circuit breakers, Myers has the solution for your specific application.

	DC Switchgear & Circuit Breakers
Myers Power Products Traction Power Rectifiers are AC to DC power converters designed for subway, light rail, and other transit system applications. All Traction Power Rectifier units are natural convection, air-cooled power silicon diode assemblies that have multiple years of demonstrated performance and have been field-proven to deliver high reliability and enhanced overload capabilities. 
Power Rectifiers

Myers Power Products Medium Voltage Switchgear & Circuit Breakers feature proven technology in a wide range of capacities and housings. Our 38 kV HVF Circuit Breaker offers 35 years of field-proven durability and reliability and is available in 200 A, 2000 A, 2500 A, and 3000 A models. Our Medium Voltage Switchgear ranges in size from 5 kV — 38 kV and includes Metal Clad, Metal Enclosed, and Arc Resistant options designed and manufactured to your specifications by our in-house power systems experts. With complete turnkey capabilities, Myers supports our products with testing, installation, commissioning, and maintenance services, making us the only company you will need for the life of your systems.

Medium Voltage Switchgear & Circuit Breakers

For over 40 years, Myers Power Products has been providing low voltage solutions for the toughest of applications through our legacy RSE-Sierra and Ryco product lines.  Our industry-leading engineered-to-order Low Voltage Switchgear line includes UL1558 and UL891 Metal Enclosed Switchgear, UL845 Motor Control Centers, and Low Voltage Bus Duct.  Myers has an offering to meet the requirements of any installation environment, including stand-alone indoor NEMA 1 or outdoor NEMA 3R enclosures or integration into a Power Distribution Center. We provide our customers the flexibility and decreased turnaround time that result from our turnkey capabilities, with engineering, switchgear and enclosure manufacturing, integration, and QA/QC performed in the same facility. In combination with our post-manufacturing installation, testing, and maintenance services, our capabilities address the entire lifecycle of your systems, making Myers the only company you will need.  

With Myers, anything is possible! 

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Low Voltage Switchgear


Myers Power Products offers engineered-to-order Protective Relay Panels and Control Switchboards. These solutions incorporate state-of-the-art technology to deliver improved reliability, greater protection, and enhanced communication and control for your power systems. Each product is custom designed to your unique specifications and complies with ANSI C37.21 for control switchboards and IEEE 693 seismic standards
Metering & Control Panels
Myers Power Products Third Rail Inverters draw power from the third rail power supply and convert it to constant, regulated, utility-grade AC voltage. Built-in power quality protection restarts the unit when transient voltage, spikes, or sags are encountered.  Available voltages range from 120 VAC — 480 VAC, with 500 W — 10 kW capacities. The third rail inverter features a ruggedized design with rack mount, wall mount, and cabinet options.
Third Rail Inverters