Product Description

Myers Power Products FVR outdoor vacuum air insulated substation circuit breakers combine proven medium voltage circuit breaker technology with industry-leading quality. Engineered and manufactured in our ISO-certified US manufacturing facility, the FVR breaker meets or exceeds relevant IEEE/ANSI standards for outdoor circuit breakers and features arc-resistant construction on the 1200 - 2000A models. Available in a range of capacities and with a number of options, the FVR Circuit Breaker enables users to create solutions tailored to an array of system sizes and designs.

Standard Features
  • 15-38kV, 1200-4000 A, up to 50kA
  • 1200 – 3000 A models are self-cooled
  • 12-pole auxiliary switch, latch check switch, and emergency cut out switch
  • Arc-resistant construction on 1200 – 2000A models
  • Bolted panel allows easy access to interrupter assemblies and contact wear indicators
  • Ground pads located on both sides of enclosure
  • Hinged doors on common access areas
  • Legs adjust breaker height at least 21 inches
  • Light weight high voltage panels
  • Optimized relay panel for instrumentation
  • Outer doors latch open at a minimum of 120 degrees
  • Pad-lockable handles on each outer door
  • Stainless steel external hardware
  • Status indicator and operation counter viewing window
  • Type RI operating mechanism with integral manual charging handle
  • Vacuum interrupters
  • Adjustable stainless steel legs
  • Locally-mounted lightning arresters




FVR Circuit Breaker Brochure
Guide Specification - 15.5KV
Guide Specification - 38KV1
Guide Specification - 25.8 / 27KV


FVR Outdoor Substation Circuit Breakers


FVR Outdoor Substation Circuit Breakers