BETHLEHEM, Pennsylvania, USA – Myers Power Products, Inc. (“Myers”) today announced an expansion of its Emergency Lighting product line with the introduction of Emergency Lighting Controls. These control relays integrate with existing light fixtures, controls, and inverters to provide NFPA-mandated bypass control to maintain proper light levels. The UL-rated devices work with all types of lighting control devices (switches, dimmers, motion sensors, time clocks, and lighting/dimming control systems) to bring emergency lights to 100% brightness. 

The Emergency Lighting Controls product line is comprised of:

  • RLY-SW-2: RLY-SW-2 is a UL924 shunt relay designed to work with controlled loads.  It allows one device to control all of the light fixtures, both normal and emergency, in a space. Its most common application is non-dimmable loads.
  • RLY-SW-1: RLY-SW-1 is a UL924 shunt relay designed for use with systems that require two devices to independently control normal and emergency light fixtures. Its most common application is dual level switching.
  • RLY-DIM-2D: UL924 Shunt Relay designed to work with 0-10 volt and DALI dimmers or systems.  Its most common application is 0-10V dimmable loads.
  • RLY-DIM-D: RLY-DIM-D is a UL1008 transfer relay designed to transfer fixtures and controls powered by normal utility power to inverter power upon loss of the utility service. Its most common application is as a transfer device for 2, 3, and 4-wire dimmable loads only.
  • RLY-INT/CTRL-2: RLY-INT/CTRL-2 is a UL924 rated device that allows the inverter to activate the UL924 shunt relays during code-required monthly and yearly tests. This capability enables the emergency system to be tested under full load.

To purchase or learn more contact your local Myers manufacturer’s representative, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call Myers at (610) 868-3500.

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