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Myers Controlled Power Produces America’s Largest Prefabricated Substation

Myers Controlled Power (MCP) recently delivered the largest prefabricated substation in the USA for the Long Island Railroad (LIRR). The substation will provide traction power for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority East Side Access project, which brings the LIRR main line into a new station under the Grand Central Terminal.

The substation incorporates both AC and DC power distribution equipment, including MCP type HSN DC circuit breaker, which, along with our type FBK, is one of only two traction power DC circuit breakers solely manufactured in the USA. All equipment was then installed in a prefabricated, insulated metal enclosure that protects it from the elements and provides walk-in access for LIRR personnel. The enclosure and equipment inside were engineered and manufactured to order, then tested—all within MCP’s North Canton, Ohio plant. The substation was then shipped to Queens, New York in 20 sections, each of which was more than 45 feet wide. Once reassembled, the sections make up a 252+ foot long, 11,370 square foot building, which is large enough to accommodate two regulation basketball courts and still have room for the fans! For more detail on this mega substation, click here.

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Myers Power Products are made or assembled in the USA, within the nearly 1M square feet of manufacturing space we maintain in five states. These facilities provide jobs for more than 1,000 American workers and are vital parts of their local economies. Read More

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Myers Power Products is certified as a Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). Find out more on Myers Power Products Certifications.


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